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Pet Bereavement Services

Together with the support of your Veterinarian, Pet Bereavement Services will help you travel through each phase of grief, be there to listen, and help you arrive at a place of acceptance and resolution. In cases of deep psychological grief, Pet Bereavement Services maintains a list of professionals to whom referrals can be made for additional assistance. These specialists include psychotherapists, social workers and other mental health professionals familiar with the complexities of pet loss bereavement and personally vetted by Pet Bereavement Services.

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Pet Bereavement Services can, in conjunction with your Veterinarian, discuss the diagnosis and options available to you. This may focus on life-extending measures, palliative care, or the decision to euthanize. Sometimes clients need to step away from the clinical environment and engage with an objective third-party in order to put different options in perspective. At the centre of your decision must be your animal companion’s comfort and care. Also important are your circumstances – financial and otherwise. Pet Bereavement Services will provide you with some guidelines to consider when making this very difficult decision.


The death of an animal companion is heart-wrenching. To be by your animal’s side in the final moments is a beautiful parting gift. However, not all of us are able to take this step. Should you need assistance at this difficult time, to be with you as you say goodbye, or act as a surrogate, Pet Bereavement Services can provide comforting support to you.


It is not unusual for closely bonded animal guardians to feel extreme emotions for a period of time after the euthanasia of an animal companion. The amount of time that it takes to process the pain and trauma of the loss varies dramatically from one person to the next. One-on-one visits, couple or even family sessions can be arranged to help each person as they mourn a loss. Pet Loss Support Groups are also available and will be schedules as required, or referrals can be made to Support Groups already established in the area.

The Process

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You will be contacted withing 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

A session normally runs for 45 minutes to one hour. During that time, we will discuss in detail your unique loss and concrete ways to process your grief. Should you feel another session is needed, a second appointment may be schedules either at that time or as needed.

Deep psychological grief may require the attention of a specialized professional such as a Psychotherapist to work through underlying issues which may have been triggered by your loss. Access to qualified professionals will be available and referrals made for additional assistance.

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Pricing Schedule

Grief Recovery Session: $95 (individual), $115 (couple), $150 (family)

Package: Pre-Euthanasia visit, attendance at Euthanasia, Post-Euthanasia session: $200

Travel expenses (outside the Hamilton area) are additional at $0.54/km

Airfare, accommodation and meals are additional, as necessary

Zoom sessions are available

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